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making change work and feeling the difference
Whether the business need is small or complex, to each it means something completely different. We pride ourselves on providing professional, effective HR services which meet YOUR needs.

HR Support Services
Support can range from:

  • Development of bespoke Employee Handbooks
  • Employee Contracts
  • Recruitment and selection services
  • HR Administration
  • Employee Relations

Recruitment, Selection and de-selection
You will need the right people in the right place at the right time. Effective recruitment processes are essential. We can manage the process from identification of the skills required up to delivery of individuals to role. Equally, any reduction in resource requirements will need careful and sensitive management throughout.

Training and development
We can help a business to identify company, team and individual development needs. These may not always be obvious, but are often business critical. Significant positive impact will be seen in your people and on your bottom line. Soft skill training, management development and Leadership programmes all feed into a resource with increased motivation, competitive advantage and retention.

For the team...
Teams can be of any size, shape or form. Aspire 2 Consultancy works to ensure that each team is managed and behaves in a way that is respectful of its members, irrespective of opinions, styles and perspectives.

For the individual...
Mentoring, 1:1 Coaching and individually tailored development programmes enable full personal potential to be realised.

HR Strategic Business Partner
Have you just started a new company?
Are you an SME business?
Are you a business leader in a corporate organization?
All companies large or small, recognize the importance of the people resources and teams supporting and working in the business.
Our HR Business partners work alongside and with companies to build, develop, and implement people strategies.

People Projects
From time to time, companies require addition help with a specific project which may be People Related - Company mergers, Acquisitions, Downsizing. For a fixed or rolling period, additional skills and support are often required which we are able to provide.

Diversity Management
In today's ever changing world, appreciating difference in individuals whether in Gender, Race, Culture, Age, Disability or any other difference, will be key to a business success in the future. Competitive advantage can be identified and realised. We provide consultancy in raising awareness, and development of strategies, alongside design and delivery of implementation plans to fit business needs. Our proven record of achievement for implementation and development enables us to provide first hand experience.

  • Diversity strategy development and implementation
  • Management development training
  • Staff awareness and training initiatives
  • Development of networks
  • One to one coaching
We recognize that everyone has something unique to offer.
“Karen Waltham brings the perfect balance of heart and mind to the issue of diversity.”
Susan Rice, Chief Executive Lloyds TSB Scotland

To discuss your business requirements, or for more information, please contact us directly at karen@aspire2consultancy.co.uk.